Amazon PL Hands-on Training Details & Pricing

The cost of this course is AED.1400. The new offer course price is AED.1000.

This is the only Hands-On Practical training in UAE which is provided on real Amazon accounts.

Course Info

Course Duration
2 Months

Class Days
Sat - Sun

Class Time
Depends on available Slot

Class Duration
1 - 1.5 Hour

Recommended For
Beginners/Professionals/Career Seekers

Course Online Available

Helium10, Jungle Scout, Merchant Words, Viral Launch

Certificate Course

High Q Tower, 6th Floor, Office # 606, Jail Road, Lahore

What You Learn

Introduction To Amazon
Objective of working as an Amazon PL Hands-on Training.
Listing Creation
Understanding Amazon Listings, Pre-Requisites of an Amazon Listing.
Sourcing & Logistics
Finding & Contact Suppliers, Understanding Amazon Logistics.
Amazon Product Research Tools
Introduction to Product Research Tools, Product Research Techniques.
Order Management and Customer Support
How to fulfill FBM orders, Proper way of communicating with customers.
Amazon Cases and Report Handling
Understanding the purpose of Amazon cases, How to open Amazon cases for your problems.
Product Launch and Rank on Amazon
Understanding HyperLaunch, Dos and Donts of a Launch.
Advertising on Amazon
Understanding type of Advertising Campaigns, How to create Advertising campaign.
Working as a Hands-on on Upwork and other Platforms
What is Upwork and why we choose Upwork, How to create Upwork Account.


Who is it for?

This course (Amazon PL Hands-on Training) is best suitable for Career Seekers, IT Professionals, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Business Managers, SEOs, Ecommerce Consultants, Webmasters, IT Students, Management Students, Sales / Marketing Managers, Web Developers, Affiliate Marketers, Web Content Writing Agencies, Link Builders. If you do not belong to above fields, please feel free to ask us whether this course will be beneficial for you or not.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the training is AED.1400 , AED.1000
This includes:
  • Real Time case studies
  • Hand On Practical Experience
  • You can inquire anytime through direct call / email or skype in case of any query.
  • Your query will be answered on top priority about SEO, Google Ads and Social Media.
  • Lifetime and Personal access to your trainer for ultimate guide.
  • Access to offline and online (Amazon PL Hands-on Training) training materials to help you implement everything you learned
  • Follow-on support and a post-training check-up of your Amazon PL Hands-on Training to verify that all recommendations have been applied correctly for maximum ROI.

What type of support will I receive during or after the training?

During or after the training, we perform a checkup of your work to ensure that all recommendations of (Amazon PL Hands-on Training) have been applied correctly, that your business needs.

Receive a Amazon PL Hands-on Training Certificate

You will receive a certificate to confirm your successful completion of the (Amazon PL Hands-on Training) training upon request.
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